How to Tell If You Have a Mental Connection or a Physical Attraction

Mental connection meaning and power

Physical chemistry is undeniably powerful. It’s what makes the difference between who we see as just friends and who we consider potential lovers. However, there is more to love or crush and happy relationships than not being able to keep your hands off each other. 

A strong mental connection is rare but is every bit as important when it comes to making the relationship magical. Unfortunately, not all couples have this, and their relationships may be doomed to fail if they don’t make any changes. 

Here are a few signs that should help you figure out whether you and your partner have that mental attraction or not. 

You have effortless conversations when you hang out

Hanging out as a couple is the time when you work on your bonds, whether physical, emotional, or mental. If you spend a lot of time on deep, stimulating conversations, then you are on the right track. Easy and effortless conversations are some of the most gratifying experiences in a relationship.

If, on the other hand, you spend all your time fooling around and getting intimate, then there might be something lacking in the relationship. 

You care about each other’s thoughts and opinions

A mental connection is defined, among other characteristics, by pure mutual respect. It means you care about how your partner feels, and what he/she thinks and wants. 

Your partner’s desires come from an understanding of who they are as a person and what makes them happy. It is your job in the relationship to ensure their feelings are respected, and they are just as satisfied as you are.

Mental Connection Is Rare

Holding off on intimacy is not a big deal

If your relationship transcends physical attraction, then its absence does not extinguish the fire. It could be that you have both decided to hold off until you are ready for a more significant commitment like marriage. Maybe one of you isn’t ready to get intimate yet. Whatever the case, having a strong mental connection in relationships means that it can survive the period of little or no physical intimacy. 

You have just as much fun hanging out outdoors as you do indoors

Where do you have most of your dates? Is it on her couch or in his bed eating and watching TV? Is it outdoors, taking walks, restaurant hopping, and just enjoying life?

If you find yourself spending most or all of your time together indoors fooling around, then you might not have as strong of a mental connection as you had hoped. However, if you still have a deep and effortless conversation on your at-home dates, then, by all means, carry on.

You have been together through some hard times

For many people, having a mental connection with another person comes pretty naturally. They don’t have to work that hard with innate compatibility playing the most significant role. However, some circumstances could create strong mental bonds in even the least compatible partners. 

For example, if you have seen each other through dark times, then you will forge a bond, unlike any other. It could be a loss of a loved one, a career setback, or even an illness. Sticking together through such times builds or strengthens these bonds. 

You can be 100% yourself

You know you have a solid mental connection with someone when you do not have to fake anything around them. You are 100% yourself and comfortable with it, and it is truly one of the most beautiful things in a relationship. 

You are willing to stay makeup-free in sweats and messy hair because you know your partner still loves and is attracted to you. You can fart, burp, and make all the annoying dad jokes you want because you know she isn’t going anywhere. And who needs more than that? 

You don’t shut out your friends and family

One of the most important signs that your relationship is predominantly a physical connection is isolation. You do not see much of a future past your next hookup session, so you do not even bother to involve your friends or family. 

On the other hand, if there is a mental and emotional connection, you cannot wait to show your partner off to the people you love. Whether it is inviting her to your family barbeque or tagging him along on your happy hour hangouts, if you find yourself willing to let other people in, then you are on the right track.

Bottom line

Clearly, in the mental or emotional connection vs. physical connection battle, the first two reign supreme. Plus, if you have a strong relationship with someone, you usually get the same sparks and butterflies that physical attraction offers. So don’t underestimate the power of a good conversation and generally being good friends with your partner. 

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